Comberbach Village


Welcome to the latest update of the Comberbach.Com website.   As the internet has grown and individuals, groups, and organisations now have their own websites, and/or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et cetera accounts, the role of this website has become more of a portal. Take a quick peek at our local natural surroundings by clicking the small + (top right corner).

However, it still serves a purpose for those generally interested in our village by being the conduit, you could say portal, to those groups in the village which have established their own identity on the internet.   This will give any interested person a good feel of the social bonhomie that we enjoy in our daily village life.

We are located to the north of Northwich, adjacent to Budworth Mere and Marbury Park, and very close to the famous Anderton Boat Lift. Approx halfway between Manchester and Chester not too far from the Knutsford Services on the M6.

As a small rural village, we are just a handful of miles south of the M56 (Jct.10) and west of the M6 (Jct.19) network making our location idyllic for those who like the country life but still need to commute to their work and businesses. Surrounded by other small villages adjacent to us, including the largest parish in the country, Antrobus, and the beautiful cobbled village of Great Budworth within walking distance.

Our village comprises some 950 residents including those longstanding families from traditional farming communities who now live alongside more urban commuters who have settled in the village over the past 40 years, and who together share an enjoyment of rural life and a sense of community living. Being located in a very quiet triangle of the county, with good road connections and Manchester Airport is just a 20-minute drive away, the area has many secluded and exclusive properties hidden in the surrounding wooded countryside.


With just one Post Office shop, a Primary School, a Methodist Chapel, and one Public House, the 'Spinner & Bergamot' our facilities are rather limited by today's modern amenities, but that's part of the overall attraction of the village. Most residents have their own transport, including horse and cart'. However, we do have an approx hourly bus service to take passengers to Northwich and Warrington.

Outdoor activities are common, in particular, the village has three riding stables, and lots of children so be warned when entering the village on motorised transport.   The village is one of only a handful in Cheshire that still holds a Village Fete Day when our roads are closed for the Fete Procession. The festivities are normally held on the school field.


Close by, as already mentioned are other small rural villages, plus within less than a mile of our boundary, the unique Anderton Boat Lift on the Trent and Mersey canal. We enjoy the open spaces of the adjacent Marbury Park and Budworth Mere, just a very short stroll away.

The Village is very active in country pursuits, being surrounded by greenbelt, and hosts many social groups and associations.

Local Councils

We come under the jurisdiction of Cheshire West & Chester Council as well as our own village Parish Council. Also, we are part of the church parish of Great Budworth, which was once the second-largest parish in the country.

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